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Talk About Touch

Talk About Touch is an essential subject for the safety of children and adults.  This wonderful new book provides the tools for adults and children to have healthy and productive conversations about sexual abuse.  Whether a child has suffered this life-altering experience or not, reading this story can be an important step in preventing further incidences and healing the wounds caused by abuse.  Sandy Kleven cleverly weaves wholesome storytelling and family bonds with a serious conversation about protecting children’s bodies. The authentic illustrations by Patrick Minock are comforting guides for children to interact with and relate to.
Every day with your child is a learning opportunity, a chance to engage in meaningful conversations with family members, strengthening family bonds through knowledge. Simply talking about ways to protect themselves is an important step in preventing predators and raising confident, happy children. Sponsored by the abuse prevention professionals of Alaska, this book is sure to make a difficult conversation much easier and more fulfilling. The closeness and loving intimacy jumps off each page and warms the heart of any reader.

In this challenging world, Talk About Touch and Sandy Kleven’s first book, The Right Touch, are both must reads for every child.